Tanpa iman, di mana berada pun sama juga.

23, July 2009

Bragging on TV about sex lands Saudi in hot water

JEDDAH: Lewd remarks about sex by a Saudi man in Jeddah that broadcast last week on LBC’s “Red Line” has led to his arrest, Arab News learned on Wednesday.

Mazen Abdul Jawad appeared on the program last week in a red button-down shirt and open collar bragging in graphic detail about his sexual conquests.

In the segment, Abdul Jawad talks about having slept with a neighbor when he was only 14 and how this got him interested in sex. After discussing sex and foreplay in graphic detail and providing a recipe for an aphrodisiac, Abdul Jawad is seen getting into his vehicle at night on a Jeddah street.

“It all starts with turning my Bluetooth on while cruising around in my car,” he tells the camera.


Dengan undang2 yg ada pun, mereka boleh berani sebegini. Bagaimanakah agaknya jika tiada undang2 yg ‘keras’ dinegara ini ?

Tanpa iman, tiadalah lagi penyelamat kita dari terjerumus ke lembah kehinaan.



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